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In 1967 the Drakensberg Boys Choir School was founded by John Tungay.  He has not had a direct involvement in Drakensberg BOYS for several years, but the question in his heart had long been : Why no Choir School for Girls?
It might have taken 50 years, but finally,  a Choir School for girls was born in 2017. This was the FIRST Girls Choir School on the African Continent.
In 2017, John Tungay and Wendy Clarke opened Drakondale's doors with a grand total of 11 students in Grades 7 & 8. 

At the end of 2018 the decision was made to incorporate more of the performing arts and SCHOOL OF THE ARTS was added to the name. 

During the early part of  2019, the question was suddenly popping up : If you are a full School of the Arts - Why no Boys? 

2020 has therefore seen the inclusion of boys and 2022 will see the adoption of a post matric year for boys and girls.

Drakondale’s vision is to have a school for YOUNG ADULTS which allows them to explore their gifts and talents in the performing arts fields, WITHOUT surrendering the need to ensure a strong academic background.

Drakondale’s mission is to ensure that this opportunity is available to YOUNG ADULTS from ALL walks of life, and that no STUDENT should be excluded from this incredible opportunity purely because he or she comes from a less fortunate background. This will be accomplished by means of a serious drive for bursaries and sponsorships.


Day scholars are welcomed at Drakondale,. The school day starts at 7h30. Academic classes end at 14h30 but students are obviously required to attend arts and sports programmes.

Boys and girls are housed in separate dormitories.
Classes, meals  and extra-mural activities are held together. 
Most dorm rooms are set up for two students sharing with their own bathroom and shower.
Weekly boarding and term boarding is available.